Getting there: reaching Year 7

Year 7 are especially vulnerable road users and can be a challenge to reach with an effective road safety message.

Using its 'Getting there' presentations as a basis, in this presentation Room 9 Media will be looking at how to communicate with them in a style which is both contemporary and relevant to their own experience.

This will feature:

  • Choosing relevant content and approach
  • Employing a visual style which appeals to students, is relevant to the classroom and accurately reflects the diversity of the participants
  • Reflecting upon the merits of PowerPoint, its interactivity and flexibility
  • How to make your presentations relevant to an educational setting
  • Considering the benefits and limitations of digital/ printed material

John and Denise Billington, Room 9 Media

John and Denise Billington run Room 9 Media specialising in resources for safer and sustainable travel, communications and education.

As an experienced teacher, Denise runs the educational side of the business ensuring that all our resources are both relevant and appealing to schools.

John has worked in road safety publicity and publications for many years and founded Room 9 Media in 2011. He has worked on a vast range of road safety resources and campaigns.