Powered two-wheelers and the Safe System approach

With so much emphasis on the Safe System approach to lead us towards Vision Zero in the UK, now is a good time to stop and consider what this means for PTW riders.

The presentation will cover the situation now, but will also take a look back, as history provides some excellent examples. It will conclude with a glimpse into what the future could hold and how that could affect road safety.

Karen Cole, Director of Safety and Training, MCIA

Karen Cole began working for the MCIA, overseeing safety activity for the motorcycle industry, 20 years ago. She is now developing expertise in 2, 3 and 4 wheeled Powered Light Vehicles and is enjoying the challenge.

She regularly collaborates with the Department for Transport, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), Transport for London, Highways England, RoSPA, IAM RoadSmart, Institute of the Motor Industry, motorcycle training providers, road safety officers, plus many road safety groups and project teams.  She is also a director and motorcycle expert for Prince Michael’s international road safety charity, RoadSafe.

With access to such a large network of road safety and legislative influencers, Karen has an invaluable perspective to apply to all matters concerning motorcycle safety and training.  She feels privileged to be involved with them all.

In 2013 she led the team which set up a specialist vocational training centre for motorcycle instructors and motorcycle training businesses. MCIA RIDE was awarded official accredited status by the Institute of the Motor Industry, and MCIA RIDE programmes are also recognised by DVSA.

This was a major step forward in bringing the best in teaching methods and expectations of customer service to the motorcycle training industry, and is raising standards of training and improving rider safety.

Karen is a co-author of The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys, a landmark policy document written by MCIA in association with Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, which was launched in June 2019.  This document shows the role Powered Light Vehicles (including motorcycles and mopeds) can play in reducing emissions, and cutting congestion and becoming a solution rather than a road safety problem. Karen is responsible for overseeing all training and safety actions within this framework which are translated into policy.