Designing effective messaging

Facilitated by Ian Edwards, New View Consultants

This workshop will provide an introduction to a new training course – of the same name - recently released by Road Safety GB Academy.

The one-day course aims to help develop a road safety practitioner’s ability to design an effective road safety message. It covers a wide spectrum of topics around effective messaging and will enhance skills and confidence in design and delivery.

The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge and understanding of the principles of effective messaging and to develop their skills further, but is aimed primarily at practitioners who use messaging in all forms of media as part of their work activities.

The course was designed and developed by Ian Edwards, who will facilitate this workshop.

Introduction to road safety delivery

Facilitated by Alan Kennedy, Executive Director of Road Safety GB

This workshop will provide an overview of a new one-day training course recently released by Road Safety GB Academy.

The course is designed to give practitioners who are new to road safety delivery, the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver simple but effective road safety interventions.

It also explains the relationship between government, partner organisations and the public and how that relates to road safety programmes and delivery in the UK.

Participants are involved in debate, group work and practical activities in order to acquire skills and knowledge that can be used with all road user age groups. The basic teaching skills will give practitioners the confidence to be able to work effectively with young people, in particular in primary and secondary schools, and with pre and post-test drivers.

As well as an overview of the course, as a taster, Alan will deliver a session from the course around the 'conscious and sub conscious mind'.

How to make your campaigns more meaningful and memorable by applying Behavioural Insights

Facilitated by Nicola Wass, CEO of So-Mo-Co Ltd

Every day, people are bombarded with a barrage of news, spin, pseudo spin, marketing and advertising. Add to this social media influencers, product endorsements and user generated content and it becomes increasingly difficult for road safety professionals to get their message heard above the noise.

This workshop we will demonstrate some simple strategies and techniques you can apply to make your campaigns more meaningful and more memorable.

Using real world examples, it will help you understand how these simple techniques have been applied effectively in road safety campaigning and draw upon new research to answer the contentious question, 'do fear based campaigns actually work?'.