27% of drivers use mobile phones while driving: RAC

11.01 | 18 July 2011 |

27% of British motorists admit to using a mobile phone without a hands free kit while driving, and 24% of young drivers use social media sites while driving, according to the RAC’s ‘Report on Motoring 2011’.

The report, which is based on research from a sample of 1,002 British drivers, also found that motorists want to see better enforcement of existing laws and a more visible police presence on the roads.

Support for tackling drink-driving has increased too: 89% of drivers want stricter application of current laws. The idea of a higher speed limit on motorways also continues to attract support, with 75% wanting a motorway speed limit of more than 70mph.

The report shows that drivers want local roads improved, particularly those they use regularly. This includes potholes repaired properly and better preparation for the increasingly extreme weather conditions we now face most winters.

The report also reveals that motorists are not against alternatives such as electric cars; provided they cost the same or less to buy as existing options and reduce their ongoing cost of motoring.

Click here to read the full report.


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