2Wheels London website re-launched

16.04 | 29 November 2017 |

A website that provides information to help powered two wheeler (P2W) riders stay safe on London’s roads has been re-launched.

The website is part of the 2Wheels London project which works in close partnership with London boroughs and businesses across the Capital to provide PTW riders with useful safety information and advice.

The practical, common-sense advice on the new 2Wheels London website covers a range of topics including wearing the right gear, understanding the rules of the road and P2W maintenance.

There is also a page giving advice to help riders deal with the specific challenges of riding a P2W in London.

The website also provides information and links to training on offer to improve the skills of the Capital’s riders including Bike-Safe London, Biker Down! and three new free-to-attend courses recently launched by Transport for London – Preparing for your CBT, Beyond CBT: Skills for Delivery Riders, and 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills.

The site also gives information for employers who can sign up for a ‘toolkit’ to help keep their employees safer when riding on London’s roads.

2Wheels London includes a regular blog, written by enthusiasts, covering a wide range of relevant topics for riders.

The first blog, ‘a rough guide to retro scooters’, looks at how riders can enjoy the pleasures of owning retro-styled scooter ‘without having to resort to oily fingers and roadside maintenance on a damp Monday night on the way home from work’

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