87% ‘feel nervous’ ahead of driving test

08.57 | 13 November 2018 |

The AA Driving School has created a new video designed to help learners combat their pre-test nerves and ‘pass with flying colours’.

The video follows a survey which suggests only 13% of want-to-be drivers felt no nerves before taking their practical driving test.

Of the 87% that did feel nervous, 44% said this affected them in some way – including waking up early and having a bad night’s sleep before the test.

At 52%, women were more likely than men to admit that nerves affected them on test day – while the figure for young drivers (18-24 years-old) was 77%.

The survey also reveals that a quarter of learners who were about to take their test resorted to ‘extra measures’ – with 20% either taking a long drive or having a lesson in order to ease tension.

Young drivers were the most likely to turn to superstitions such as wearing lucky pants (7%) and carrying a lucky charm (6%), while 9% resorted to herbal remedies.

In order to help pre-test drivers, the AA has published advice on how to combat driving anxiety.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Passing your driving test and getting on the road is a real milestone for many people.

“While we’d be more likely to advocate an extra lesson or two to combat pre-test nerves, if wearing lucky pants helps someone feel more confident on their test day and they pass as a result, then good for them.”



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