9,000 women petition minister to improve cyclists’ safety

11.00 | 22 January 2010 |

Sadiq Khan, transport minister, has been presented with a petition signed by 9,000 women urging him to make Britain’s roads safer to cycle on.

The petition was delivered to Mr Khan personally at the House of Commons by female cyclists Rachael Wood and Terry Cassels, acting on behalf of all those who had signed it.

Copies of the petition were also given to the National Assembly for Wales and Stewart Stevenson, the Scottish transport minister.

The petition resulted from research from the sustainable transport charity Sustrans which showed that almost eight in 10 women in Britain never cycle, with the most common barrier being the perception that cycling wasn’t felt to be safe. The majority of respondents cited segregated cycle lanes as the answer to getting more women to take to their bikes.

Ms Wood said: “Whenever I talk to other people about cycling, particularly women, I get the same story – they just don’t feel safe enough on the roads. That really has to change if we are to encourage more people to travel by bike.”

Click here to read the full ‘road.cc’ news release.



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