A grounded answer to street clutter?

12.00 | 31 May 2013 |

Street clutter in cities could be cut by adopting simple join-the-dots, colour-coded route marks for visitors, says the Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA).

The RSMA says that new technology means permanent or temporary markings can be used to replace ‘unsightly signs’ by providing clear information on roads and pavements.

George Lee, national director of the RSMA, said: “It is time we addressed the proliferation of road signs and signposts throughout the UK, particularly in our historic towns and cities and picturesque villages.

“All too often, planners and event organisers opt for the conventional sign on a pole to direct visitors, leading to cluttered, confusing signage and obstacles at every turn.

“The RSMA believes that more tourist attractions and routes could be effectively marked in towns and cities, so that visitors can follow unobtrusive tracks, either laid down to last or for short-lived events. It really should be as easy as joining the dots.”

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has long pressed for a reduction in the number of signs. Ralph Smyth, the CPRE’s senior transport campaigner, said: “A sign added here and a sign there over time can become a forest of traffic signs.

“Strong policies against cluttered streetscapes and landscapes need to be backed up by clutter audits to assess the problem. With public spending limited and the public calling for action, it makes sense to encourage community groups to assess and address the problem in the local areas they know best.”


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