a2om wins Prince Michael Award

09.30 | 28 November 2011 |

a2om, a leading provider of online assessment and education software, has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (PMIRSA) for the well-researched and innovative software at the heart of its many products.

For business fleets, a2om developed ‘doc diagnostics’, a flexible, online assessment and education solution that can be quickly and easily deployed to ensure compliance with UK health and safety law.

The award also recognises a2om CIC – a not-for-profit social enterprise. As part of the programme a2om created a pre-driving campaign through which free educational software (Drive iQ) was distributed to 16-year-old students at schools and colleges across West Sussex. The aim was to showcase in one county what could be achieved throughout the UK. As a result of the campaign Drive iQ software was delivered to 10,000 pre-novice drivers and their parents received a copy of a guide titled, “Is your child learning to drive?”.

In 2008, Thames Valley Police launched a diversion programme specifically aimed at drivers under the age of 25 who had committed a range of motoring offences. The scheme takes the form of a two-hour workshop, followed by five e-learning modules developed by a2om. Independent evaluation of the scheme demonstrated that participants reduced their reoffending by 44%.

Click here to read the full Driving for Better Business report about a2om’s PMIRSA.


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