AA publishes new research about the ‘first car’

10.35 | 25 September 2009 |

AA Insurance has published new research exploring the experience of drivers in relation to their first car.

This AA/Populus survey among 21,173 AA members was carried out during August 2009. It looked at how old respondents were when they got their first car, how much it cost and whether they paid for it or it was given to them; how old their first car was when they bought it and how long they kept it.

The main findings show that:
– Men have always tended to get their first car at a younger age than women. – Women are much more likely to have been given their car.
– Respondents’ first cars were most likely to be between seven and 10 years old; although the older respondents are, the younger their first car was likely to be.
– A third of people paid under £500 and another third paid under £2,000.
– Men are more likely than women to change their car within two years.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Car Insurance, said: "At a time when the cost of car ownership is higher than ever, with both fuel and insurance costs rising steeply, getting a car remains a priority – especially for young men.”

Click here to read the full AA news release.


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