ABD and DA announce merger

12.00 | 7 November 2012 | | 3 comments

The Association of British Drivers and the Drivers’ Alliance (DA) have agreed to merge to form a new organisation, the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD).

The Association of British Drivers was formed in 1993 by Brian Gregory who has been chairman of the membership based, not-for-profit organisation since then. The Drivers Alliance was formed in 2008 by Peter Roberts to campaign against road pricing.

Both organisations claim to promote the interests of motorists and campaign against issues including road pricing, congestion charging, taxation on car usage, parking policies and “other ways that private vehicle use is prejudiced”.

Announcing the merger, ADB said: “We support more enlightened road safety policies and more investment in road transport infrastructure. Bearing in mind that the ‘war on the motorist’ is still being fought by those opposed to individual freedom, the directors of the ABD and the DA believe it is time to combine our strengths and operations.”

Brian Gregory, ABD chairman, said: “This new organisation, which will combine the membership and leadership of the two bodies, will strengthen our presence on the national scene and enable us to campaign more effectively.

“The economies of scale achieved from a larger membership base will also help our operational efficiency and fund raising. We sorely need a stronger body to campaign for the rights of road users and the merger will give us just that.”

Peter Roberts added: "The freedom to reach your place of employment, your family and friends is under threat. As drivers, we individually contribute around £1,300 every year to the treasury and it is about time we had the roads, bridges and facilities we already pay for."

For more information contact Brian Gregory on 01642-589373.


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    It was the line “… the ‘war on the motorist’ is still being fought by those opposed to individual freedom…” that did it for me. Hardly the cry of a road safety pressure group.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    I wouldn’t judge too quickly, Hugh. I attended an ABD meeting where the merger was discussed although I did not participate as I am not a member of the old ABD, the DA or the new ABD. I was there because I was invited to give a short presentation on the research I have been involved in which I called “Developing more accurate methods to evaluate the effects of speed cameras”.

    The response of the ABD members present was calm and considered and they asked good searching questions, demonstrating an understanding of the subject and its complexities. I can say that I did not hear any conspiracy theories while I was there and I detected no paranoia.

    The question I would ask is, “How can we bring road safety campaigners with opposing views together to find agreement in order to save lives and prevent serious injuries?”

    Dave Finney – Slough
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    Judging from their respective spokesperson’s quotes, this is more like a merger of conspiracy theorists. Perhaps the promised ‘economies of scale’ will lead to less paranoia and more understanding.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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