ACPOS stalls over drugalyser

09.42 | 10 August 2010 |

Scotland’s police forces have stated that they have “no immediate plans” to introduce the drugalyser, a kit which allows police officers to test motorists for drug use at the side of the road (The Scotsman).

As reported last week, the government is planning trials of the drugalyser, following recent studies showing that 10% of drivers aged 18-29 admit to driving after taking illegal drugs.

Mike Penning, road safety minister, said: “It is vital that the police have the tools they need to tackle those who drive while impaired by drugs.”

However, Brian Anderson, the ACPOS (Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland) lead on drink-driving and drug-driving, said: “I am aware that the Home Office are in the process of developing a drug-driving roadside screening device.

“Although these devices are not likely to be introduced (in Scotland) in the immediate future, ACPOS are fully supportive of the development of a reliable drugs screening device and would participate in any future trial.”

Click here to read the full Scotsman news report.


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