Agency unveils adult pedestrian campaign

12.00 | 27 November 2013 | | 1 comment

A road safety communications consultancy has developed a publicity campaign to highlight the issue of adult pedestrian casualties, which is now available for road safety teams to purchase.

The campaign has been developed in consultation with a number of road safety teams that expressed an interest in the subject of adult pedestrians, and follows a report published earlier this year by PACTS and Road Safety Analysis which looked at the issue of pedestrian safety.

The report, ‘Stepping Out’, highlighted that 68% of all pedestrian casualties are adults and suggested the highest risk period for adults is weekend evenings, after consuming alcohol. It went on to suggest that peaks around commuter times for adult casualties are less pronounced but there are significant numbers in late evening and night time. The report also suggested that separate safety measures and interventions are required for adult and child pedestrians.

Sally Bartrum from Stennik, the consultancy behind the campaign, said: "The findings of the report prompted us to delve deeper into the issue of adult pedestrian casualties, in consultation with a number of road safety teams across the country.

"Our investigations confirmed that three causation factors are consistently identified: Failing to look or see (pedestrians, drivers and riders); pedestrians being careless and/or reckless and in too much of a hurry (and drivers/riders not reacting to this type of behaviour); and pedestrians impaired by alcohol."

The campaign is based on a ‘shared responsibility’ approach to improving pedestrian safety and encourages pedestrians and drivers/riders to look out for each other.

For more information about the campaign and the cost of participation (from £500 plus VAT) contact Sally Bartrum on 01379 650112.


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    How often are we as car drivers or motorcyclists confronted by a pedestrian crossing the road in front of us, having stepped off the pavement without the consideration of a glance as to whether we are there? And all with either Ipod in ears or on the mobile, or in inclement weather with hood on and head down.

    Even at pedestrian crossings with their back to traffic just walking directly into the path of oncoming vehicles. Or at a junction with traffic clearly visible just walking out into the carriageway unconcerned with the effect of their inconsiderate actions.

    bob craven Lancs
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