Alarm bells for road tolls

12.00 | 26 March 2013 |

91% of motorists do not trust the Government to reinvest money made from tolls on new roads, according to a survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The survey also found that 60% of motorists do not support toll roads, and 79% would not support the introduction of tolls on existing roads.

However, according to the survey of more than 2,500 motorists, only 40% would back more expensive road fund license instead of charging tolls on roads, and 41% would not support toll roads even if other types of tax were reduced.

Motorists were divided on using toll roads. 47% said they do not plan their journey to deliberately avoid using toll roads, while 44% do.

56% of respondents said that they would use rural or local roads to avoid the toll charges if a toll was enforced on a local motorway.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said: “The cost of motoring is currently at an all-time high, and it’s clear that the idea of bringing in toll roads has no support among everyday motorists. A toll on motorways, our safest roads, may force motorists on to more dangerous rural roads, to save money.

“The Government has a very hard job ahead to convince drivers that tolls are the only way to deliver new roads and improve existing ones. Only by reducing other motoring taxes can this policy gain the support of the motorist.”

For more information contact the IAM.


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