Autoglass issues seasonal reminder about over the counter medication

11.19 | 25 October 2010 |

With the cold and flu season approaching, motorists are being reminded of the potential dangers of driving under the influence of medication (RoadSafe News).

In a survey of 3,000 motorists carried out by Autoglass, 86% of motorists admitted taking prescription medicines such as temazepam, diazepam and the pain killer Cocodamol, and 60% admitted driving afterwards.

With regard to over the counter medication – cold and flu remedies, anti-histamines, sleeping pills etc – 25% of respondents admitted taking more than the recommended dose, and 73% of these confessed to driving afterwards.

Rosemary Leonard, a television doctor, said: “The effects from medication can last for hours or even days and can vary from person to person. A driver may not even notice that they have been impaired until it is too late.

"Driving ability can also be affected by the medical condition for which they’re taking the medicine. With the cold and flu season fast approaching, more people will be turning to over-the-counter remedies in the coming months.

“Taking alcohol and drugs together is even worse as their side effects may combine and impairment can be multiplied. It’s vital that anybody taking medication always reads the label first. If they experience any side-effects or feel unwell they must not consider driving until the symptoms have passed.”

Click here to read the full Autoglass news release. 


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