Autumn warning for moped riders

15.27 | 4 October 2010 | | 3 comments

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is warning young riders to be extra vigilant at this time of the year, pointing to research showing that autumn sees the highest level of teenage moped casualties.

Peter Rodger, IAM’s chief examiner, said: “While autumn is the worst time for moped rider casualties, it does not seem this is down to deterioration in weather conditions. Two-thirds of killed or seriously injured incidents happen in daylight and when it is dry and fine.

“It is possible that the peak at this time is related to the fact that 16-year-olds may be going on to college, or finishing school and buying a moped to get to and from work. This means a rise in new and inexperienced riders out on the road in September.

“Two-thirds of teenage moped casualties occur at or near a junction, and nearly all involve another vehicle. The case of the ‘driver looked but failed to see’ accident is all too common, but by making themselves more conspicuous to other road users, and by developing their riding through further training, teenage moped riders could greatly improve their chances on the roads.”

The IAM has introduced Road Rider Plus, which is aimed at increasing the confidence and experience of riders of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles under 125cc. The three-hour module is aimed at riders who have gained their CBT, but haven’t yet got as far as their test. Road Rider Plus gives a clear indication of skills and abilities, together with recommendations for any areas that require a little more attention and fine-tuning.

Click here for more information about Road Rider Plus or call 0845 126 8600.


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    I read recently that the IAM have a training course for such young and inexperienced riders. I may be wrong but I believe that it lasts about 3 hrs and costs… only £75. well done IAM.

    But its only available in about 20 districts. Not Nationwide.

    It seems to me that road safety is Big, Big, business and there are some making quite a good living at it and I don’t mean just those who have been to Cardington.

    Bob Craven, Lancs
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    Getting them to wear gloves and a decent jacket would be a start. I’d be interested to know what sort of up take this scheme gets as our experience of post CBT training is that young scooter riders are just not interested. Our current system seems to be set up to make younge riders become casualties – after a 1 day course having never been on the road before they get a bit of paper telling them they can ride which, in their eyes, means they’ve no need of further training. Add to that relatively short ownership meaning most have no real interest in spending money on vehicle maintenance or using proper riding kit and we create a situation where we have inexperienced riders on poorly maintained machines with no real crash protection other than a helmet. We should harmonise the age of access to vehicles and improve CBT.

    Dave, Leeds
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    Stands to reason with low sun,[ morning and evening whilst commuting] autumn rains, wet surfaces. darker mornings and evenings.

    Bob Craven, Lancs
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