Avon and Somerset Police opt for ‘education over prosecution’

12.39 | 9 November 2011 | | 1 comment

The TTC Group has been appointed to run a new series of speed awareness courses for Avon and Somerset Police.

The TTC Group runs thousands of courses each year targeted at motorists who drink drive, speed and commit minor traffic offences. The aim is to educate motorists so that road casualties are reduced and the UK’s death and injury toll continues to fall.

Edcuation courses in Avon and Somerset were suspended seven months ago when funding was withdrawn by the local authority for static safety cameras. Speeding motorists caught by mobile patrols were instead sent a warning letter.

Police have now launched Relentless, a campaign aimed at catching all speeding motorists in Avon and Somerset with six mobile patrols sited in locations where speeding is a serious problem.

Chief inspector Yannis Georgiou said: “Education over prosecution will assist in keeping our communities safe. Research has shown that when faced with the full impact and possible consequences of speeding, individuals are less likely to speed again.”

The national speed awareness course will be offered as an alternative to prosecution in circumstances when Home Office criteria is met. Motorists who attend the course will not get points on their licence.

For more information contact the TTC Group on 0845 270 4363.


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    This is the privatization of law enforcement where the camera costs are paid for out of the income from private companies on the pretence of saving lives.

    And “catching ALL speeding motorists”?

    Their speed cameras can only catch those who have registered their vehicles correctly and don’t know the loopholes, that’s not ALL motorists.

    They can’t catch drivers of stolen cars, criminals, the emergency services, joy riders, foreign drivers, illegal / illegible or cloned number plates etc. Even drunk drivers are hardly likely to be prevented from crashing using cameras.

    Dave Finney – Slough
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