Backpack range features built-in lighting

12.00 | 20 March 2014 | | 5 comments

A private individual has developed a range of backpacks with built-in LED lighting to improve the safety of children and other vulnerable road users.

Stephen Bradshaw has patented his Trailblazer range of safety products which have been certified and tested by Intertek, the multinational inspection, product testing and certification company.

The Trailblazer website says that the “high quality backpacks with integrated, red, high intensity LED lighting are designed to be seen from a driver’s eye height from a great distance, thus alerting the driver in good time.”

Stephen Bradshaw said: “I’ve developed the products over the past couple of years with children and other road users in mind.

“I know people wear reflective vests etc but these are only good once picked up in the headlights and normal bike lights are usually quite low.

“The red flashing LEDs subconsciously catch the drivers eye, even if they are not concentrating as they should be!

“I have seen cyclists try and clip lights to backpacks, but they seem to always end up illuminating the tarmac. With the lights held rigid in the backpack they are always facing the right way and are at a driver’s eye height.

“Even if children are walking along the pavement on a darkish evening having them ‘lit’ and more visible alerts a driver to their presence.

“As someone said to me recently ‘If you need to buy a new backpack – Why wouldn’t you buy one with lights?’”

The backpacks have a range of other features including an insulated compartment for packed lunches. The range includes the Junior backpack (£8.50), the hydration pack (£14.00) and the 20-litre recreation pack (£15.00). All prices are plus VAT.

For more information visit the Trailblazer website or contact Stephen Bradshaw on 01273 906060.



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    Conspicuity is nothing new, we have for years had all and sundry advocating headlights on twv’s and day glo and kids with flashing arm bands and illuminating strips. Horses and riders emblazoned with lights.

    For many years some have blamed the motorcyclist for the accidents caused because they either did not drive defensively enough or did not show themselves. So what’s so very different from them is this….not at all.

    We have even had a motorcycle clothing manufacturer with illuminated rear lights on the back of a CE approved jacket…. and that got nowhere.

    So if someone wants to walk or ride during these dark evenings and show some rear lights then why not? Each to his all and I hope that it will reduce the risk and lower the accident rates.

    bob craven Lancs
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    We are all familiar with TV news warnings of flashing lights in news clips -I agree with David, who will want to walk anywhere if surrounded by flashing lights everywhere they go? And if there are flashing lights all over the place they will, like HighViz vests worn by so many now, no longer be noticeable in any case.

    Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield
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    How long before a ped run over is blamed for not wearing one of these?

    Laid Back Rich, London
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    No one is saying that you or anyone else has to buy one of these backpacks – they are simply an option for anyone who wants to.

    Nick Rawlings, editor, Road Safety News
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    This is truly appalling, and on so many levels. One hardly knows where to begin. The future that you’ve got mapped out – a place where no one can walk on a pavement without costly gear to alert drivers who may just happen to drive on the pavement unless there are flashing pedestrians all over town, is a sad sad place, both ridiculous and house-bound.

    David, Somerset
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