‘Bike the strike to avoid stress’, says LCC

08.55 | 10 June 2009 |

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) is urging commuters to beat the stress of the tube strike by cycling to work.

Cyclists are being encouraged to band together on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 June to form ‘BikeTubes’, groups of like-minded commuters cycling from tube stations to central London.

A new website, www.biketube.org.uk, is coordinating these rides and providing essential commuter information to new and returning cyclists. It covers topics such as route-planning, safe cycling, maintenance, bike shop maps, and cycle hire.

LCC also called on employers to encourage more people to get to work by providing improved cycle facilities on the day, such as allowing workers to bring bikes into the building.

Koy Thomson, LCC chief executive, said: "Cycling could save our city millions in lost output if workers are encouraged to follow the mayor’s example and commute by bike.

"There’s a BikeTube running from Islington to City Hall and we hope the mayor will join it."

Click here to read the full LCC news release.


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