Bikeability comes to Wokingham

09.51 | 18 February 2011 |

Wokingham Borough Council has been awarded a grant from the DfT to pay for up to 600 children to receive Bikeability training in 2011/2012.

34 pupils from Loddon Primary School in Earley will be among the first in the borough to learn about cycling safety through the course organised by Wokingham’s road safety team.

The course is designed to give children the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. The training takes place largely on the road, with both children and instructors on bikes. The overall aim of the scheme is to get more people cycling, more often and more safely.

Jill Bissell, cycle training coordinator, said: “In Wokingham we have huge demand from parents for cycle training to help their children cycle more safely on the roads, by improving their cycling skills, behaviour and hazard awareness. This grant will enable us to offer high quality cycle training to a significant number of children at Wokingham schools.”

Dianne King, Wokingham’s mayor, said: “The opportunity to take part in a cycle training course gives children more confidence and experience to help them make the right decisions when they are out cycling on their own.”

For more information contact Jill Bissell on (0118) 908 8208.


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