Birmingham campaign goes ‘back to basics’

14.57 | 24 April 2009 |

The Birmingham Road Safety Partnership (BRSP) has launched ‘Y-Factor 2009’, a new campaign that explains to children WHY we have to cross the road safely – and encourages them to stop, look and listen when crossing the road.

Three Birmingham primary schools have created a song as part of the campaign and the BRSP is asking people to visit the campaign website,, and vote for their favourite song.

Trudi Maybury, BRSP co-coordinator, said: “The Green Cross Man was the way to deliver road safety messages 20 years ago. However, competing for the attention of today’s generation of children, we believe the Y-Factor hits the mark.

“This is the first year we’ve run the campaign, but the support from the schools involved has already been outstanding. If this campaign can deliver success in reducing child road traffic collisions this summer, the Partnership will roll out Y-Factor 2010.”

For further information contact Trudi Maybury on 0121 464 6210.


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