Black box insurance creating safer drivers – RAC

07.55 | 4 September 2018 | | 3 comments

Research by the RAC has found that more than 60% of black box policyholders believe the device makes them safer on the roads.

Black box, or ‘telematics’ insurance, sees a small black box device installed into a vehicle which records information on speed, acceleration, braking and cornering – which is sent back to the insurer.

62% of RAC black box car insurance policyholders believe the device – and its ‘driver score’ feature – makes them safer on the roads, compared to just 12% who think it makes no difference to their driving.

58% claim they now rarely exceed the speed limit, while 30% say that they drive more slowly around bends as a result of the device.

The RAC says the figures support its long-held view that telematics devices help create safer drivers, and illustrate the influence they can have on in-car behaviour.

Mark Godfrey, RAC Insurance managing director, said: “It is very encouraging to hear first-hand from motorists we surveyed that they feel the boxes and the ability to monitor their own driving behaviour has made them into safer drivers.

“We have worked hard to make RAC black box car insurance appeal to a cross-section of motorists by not restricting them with mileage limits or curfews, and it seems this is appreciated by many of our policyholders.”


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    I suspect the data is commercially confidential . After all each different seller of black boxes is in the business of increasing profits by striving for reduced crashes. I would like to see a requirement to publish accident frequency headlines as this would be great data for consumers picking an insurer and a black box type.

    Peter Whitfield, Liverpool
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    Good question Keith. It’s all there in the second para “.. which records information on speed, acceleration, braking and cornering – which is sent back to the insurer” so the evidence that the drivers are ‘safer on the roads’ must presumably be there for the RAC to determine for themselves.

    Perhaps they are referring to a state of mind whereby the driver, aware of their driving being monitored, focuses their mind to concentrate more, but even so it would have been obvious for the RAC to have confirmed that independently from the data obtained.

    Hugh Jones
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    Why is it the RAC can only say they believe based on self reporting by the car driver.

    Does the black box technology not actually provide any meaningful data that can positively corroborate the RAC’s belief.

    If it can not provide any real data what is the point or is it a placibo.

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