Blackout prompts white line warning

10.21 | 26 March 2012 |

The road marking industry has stressed the importance of maintaining white lines in the wake of plans to switch off lights on some stretches of motorway.

The call follows an announcement by the Highways Agency that lighting on a five-mile section of the M4 and on the M48 will be permanently switched off to reduce carbon emissions.

The Road Safety Markings Association highlights how a recent snapshot survey of nearly 500 miles of the UK road network found more than half of the road markings were barely visible and nearly a quarter were due for immediate replacement. Less than 7% of road markings scored the highest rating.

George Lee, RSMA national director, said: “We fully support any initiative that will save money safely, reduce carbon emissions, and maintain our dark skies, but we know that – in spite of a clear Highways Agency technical directive for the quality of road markings – white lines are falling into disrepair.

“Road markings are widely recognised to provide the best, most simple navigation aid to drivers and to be the most cost-effective road safety measure. In the absence of lighting, they must be clearly visible on the darkest, wettest night.”

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