Brake calls for ‘ring fenced funding’ for road safety

11.35 | 12 March 2010 |

While welcoming the government’s recent announcement of the Urban Challenge Fund, Brake, the road safety charity, has also called for ‘ring fenced funding’ for road safety.

The Urban Challenge Fund, announced last week by the DfT, will replace the Congestion Transport Innovation Fund. It is designed to support measures that tackle congestion and safety, and that reduce carbon emissions. Local authorities can apply to the fund.

Ellen Booth, Brake’s campaigns officer, said: “We welcome the widening of this funding pot to include road safety schemes as well as congestion relief schemes.

“However, Brake wants a more fundamental commitment to increased, ring-fenced funding for road safety initiatives, particularly for lower speed limit safety zones in communities and pedestrian and cyclist facilities such as pedestrian crossings and cycle paths.

“Our volunteers who campaign for road safety come up against financial barriers to desperately needed safety improvements time and time again.”

Click here to read the full Brake news release.

Click here to read more about the Urban Challenge Fund.



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