Brake unveils dates and plans for 2015 Giant Walk

12.00 | 4 March 2015 | | 4 comments

Brake’s annual Giant Walk 2015 will be held on 10 June and the charity says 45,000 children from more than 200 schools have already registered to take part.

The Giant Walk involves children across the UK taking part in a short walk of a minimum of 500 metres from their school gates to “call for safer roads around their school” and to promote safe walking and cycling.

Brake says the event is a great focal point for schools to teach road safety in class, and that schools can use their walk to call on drivers to slow down in their community, or call for other local road safety measures.

The charity says the Giant Walk “empowers children and schools to make their communities safer, healthier, and greener”.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, says: “Brake’s Giant Walk is a great way for schools to call for safer roads in their community for children to be able to walk or cycle without fear or threat from traffic.

“Every year as part of this great event schools use resources and support from Brake to run fantastic lessons across a variety of subjects around the theme of road safety and active travel.

“It’s a chance to teach children about road safety and why walking is healthy and eco-friendly, and also to call on local drivers to make a big difference by slowing down to protect children on foot and bike.”



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    When BRAKE say around schools then they do mean in the widest sense for the whole community. They are one of the many organisations calling for the government to move towards a default 20mph limit with exceptions only where appropriate provision exists for vulnerable road users.

    Rod King, 20’s Plenty for Us
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    Just for the record, I’m not knocking Brake – just the generally held belief by some that the problem around schools is caused by ‘someone else’ and only solvable by ‘the authorities’, when the answer is much closer to home – figuratively speaking and in the case of the school run – sometimes literally as well.

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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    Well said Hugh! Brake’s problem, which is one of many that they have with reality, is that they regard drivers as some sort of obscure minority group rather than recognising them as the majority that they are, and as parents of school children! All the perceived problems Brake complain about are caused by the ‘school run’. Life on the roads and pavements is ‘bliss’ once the little darlings are inside school or during the school holidays. Meanwhile, our driver dependent economy has to keep moving 24/7.

    Paul Biggs, Staffordshire
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    I know it’s been mentioned many times but one of the biggest threats to pedestrian safety around schools is the indiscriminate parking and thoughtless driving by the parents of the children themselves and perhaps this should be a good starting point – based on my own experiences they don’t like being told however!

    Hugh Jones, Cheshire
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