Brake updates free road crash support guide

12.00 | 10 October 2014 |

Brake has released an updated version of its free online support guide for people seriously injured in road crashes.

The guide was originally published in 2003, for people whose injuries following a road crash make a significant impact on their daily life and their family. It aims to help them deal with the many issues that can emerge, and includes information on financial, practical and emotional help as well as criminal processes if the injury was caused by someone else’s driving.

The new edition has been simplified and streamlined to make it more accessible for people going through such a distressing and confusing time.

Topics covered in the guide include: hospital treatment, rehabilitation and disabilities; claiming compensation; the crash and criminal prosecutions; and coping with emotions and feelings

Louise Macrae, support service manager at Brake, said: "The aftermath of a serious injury on the road is a bewildering time. Attempting to deal with legal proceedings and other practical and financial issues while receiving hospital treatment and coming to terms with potentially life-changing disabilities can be incredibly hard.

“That’s why our serious injury guide is such a vital part of the support services Brake provides, pulling together all the crucial information people need at this difficult time in one place.

“We encourage family liaison officers, medical staff and other support professionals to familiarise themselves with the updated guide, so they can aid families in accessing the specialist information and support available."


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