Breathalysers: all cars to be enabled by 2022

12.48 | 18 November 2019 | | 4 comments

All new cars must have the facility to fit a built-in breathalyser from 2022, as part of a raft of new safety technologies, it has been confirmed.

First mooted in May 2018, the package of mandatory minimum vehicle safety standards was rubber stamped by the EU earlier this month.

The standards require every new vehicle to satisfy 11 safety rulings from 2022, mandating technologies such as intelligent speed assistance (ISA) and advanced emergency braking (AEB) – as well as be enabled to have an alcolock fitted.

New lorries will be expected to have better levels of direct vision to give drivers a better chance of seeing vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The UK Government has confirmed the standards will apply in the UK, whatever the outcome of Brexit, but it will be up to the Government to decide how the technologies are used.

New technologies ‘will save countless lives’ – IAM RoadSmart
The decision to adopt EU road safety rules after Brexit and make it mandatory for new cars to be fitted with new technologies has been given the thumbs-up by IAM RoadSmart.

The road safety charity says the move will ‘save countless lives’.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “We welcomed these proposals earlier this year so it is great to see they will actually happen.

“Speed limiters will still be voluntary so you don’t have to use them, but they could save your licence if you do.

“Although all new cars from 2022 cars will be enabled to have an alcolock it will be up to the UK Government to decide how they are used. We see them as a useful tool for repeat drink-drive offenders to get them back to safe driving after a ban.  

“It is very unlikely that the vast majority of the law-abiding public will ever have to blow in a tube to start their car.”



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    Please read the report. All new cars will have to have alcolocks fitted that may then be activated by order of a court when a repeat drink driver wishes to resume driving. Teetotallers and for that matter, ordinary drivers, will never be troubled by having to blow into a tube every time they start their cars.

    David, Bury St Edmunds
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    I’m teetotal. I don’t drink alcohol – ever – and neither do most of my family. So, would I still need to use one of these alcotesters. I think that’s insulting to say the least. They will need to be a requirement to be effective, unless there’s a switch (physical or otherwise) of some kind, which defeats their purpose.
    As for the other aids – some are good, some bad.

    Lyn, Lewes
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    How can you justify this statement?
    “It is very unlikely that the vast majority of the law-abiding public will ever have to blow in a tube to start their car.”
    What would enable the car to decide if you should blow into it then?
    Does it monitor how easily you clip the seat belt in?
    Or perhaps compare a photo of you sober with one where you are drunk?
    Pray do explain the logic behind that statement.

    Bernard, NOTTINGHAM
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    …and yet, cars will no doubt continue to be manufactured and promoted to go faster than anyone needs them to and at which speeds few people can control!

    Hugh Jones
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