Campaign helps older drivers maintain ‘Life on the Road’

09.13 | 12 February 2020 |

RoSPA is encouraging older drivers in Scotland to take-up the opportunity of further training, as part of a new campaign.

Life on the Road aims to help drivers aged 65 years and over to ‘stay on the road safely for as long as possible’.

A new website has been launched to provide information on a range of subjects, from concerns about eyesight and wider health issues, to the driving licence renewal process.

Meanwhile, RoSPA is running a number of assessment days – in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow – at which older drivers can participate in free training sessions.

The sessions are designed to help update skills, boost confidence and demonstrate to relatives ‘just how good your driving is’.

The campaign also encourages younger family members to speak to their parents and grandparents if they are concerned.

A survey published to mark the launch of the campaign found half of Scots fear the loss of their independence if they could no longer drive.

Steve Whitehouse, RoSPA’s road safety manager in Scotland, said: “Although people aged 65 years or over do more to self-regulate their driving behaviours than anyone else – for example, by sticking to roads they know or reducing the amount of night-time driving they do – there are a range of age-related conditions that could lead to safety issues on the road. 

“But, that needn’t mean losing your licence, and by keeping an eye on these conditions and taking further training, more people will be able to drive safely for longer.

“Driving, and the independence it brings, is so vital for so many people, and we want to keep everyone on the road, safely, for longer.”



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