Campaign highlights ‘overwhelming opposition’ to MOT change

12.10 | 21 December 2011 |

The Pro-MOTe campaign says that the Government’s red tape challenge confirms there is ‘overwhelming opposition’ to proposals to reduce the frequency of MOT testing.

Pro-MOTe says that ‘more than nine out of 10 people who responded to the red-tape challenge – and who raised the MOT issue – opposed proposals to reduce testing frequency’.

Earlier this year the Government consulted the public on vehicle safety and standards as part of its review of road transport regulations. Of those who responded, 75.6% mentioned MOT frequency change; and of those respondents 92.3% said they were against any change to the current system.

The UK currently has a ‘three-one-one’ system, where a car is tested once it is three years old, followed by annual testing. Most of Europe, however, has a ‘four-two-two’ system, where a car is first tested after four years and subsequently every two years.

A spokesman for Pro-MOTe, which opposes the MOT change, said: “The results of the Government’s own red tape challenge are telling. Ministers mistakenly believed that reducing the frequency of MOT testing would prove popular with motorists. But now we see that their own consultation last summer demonstrated the overwhelming opposition to it.

“The Government should now accept the results of its own consultation and drop these dangerous, expensive and unwanted plans.”

For more information contact James Drewer on 0207 395 0458.


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