Campaign promotes cycle safety in Northern Ireland

08.35 | 2 April 2019 |

Authorities in Northern Ireland have launched a new campaign to help address the perception that ‘the roads are not a safe place to cycle’.

The campaign, which forms part of the wider Share The Road to Zero programme, aims to encourage more people to cycle for shorter journeys.

Northern Ireland’s Department for Infrastructure (DfI) says the campaign addresses ‘key lifesaving driver and cyclist behaviours’ in a bid to improve safety for cyclists – by communicating the message that roads are a shared space.

The DfI says ‘quite often vehicle drivers consider themselves to be the priority road user’, and to address this is encouraging them to give extra consideration to people who cycle – while cyclists are being urged to take measures to keep themselves safe.

The campaign features two short films which are running on TV and in cinemas. In addition there are two radio edits and a separate social media campaign.

The first TV film (featured above) concentrates on blind spots and junctions, while the second provides information on how to safely pass a person cycling and signalling.

A series of ‘vox pops’ are also being shared on social media, during which members of the public are asked about various scenarios regarding the behaviour of cyclists – and ‘the considerations that drivers should understand about a person’s right to cycle’.

To view the elements of the campaign, follow the DfI’s road safety channels on Facebook and Twitter.



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