Campaign sets out to discourage distracted driving

14.31 | 21 March 2018 |

Children are being encouraged to ask their parents to never use a mobile phone while driving, as part of a new initiative to ‘give young people a voice’.

The #ILoveYouEnoughTo campaign is setting out to make drivers aware that ‘distracted driving kills’, with the longer term aim of reducing the number of children killed on the roads.

The campaign, created by car seat designers BubbleBum, is supported by Road Safe NI and Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Division.

With the help of schools and communities, the campaign is asking children to encourage their parents to make the pledge to never touch their phone when driving. Parents are then asked to upload a picture showing their support and share it on social media.

Grainne Kelly, CEO of BubbleBum, says she was inspired to develop the campaign after witnessing a ‘horrific crash’ while on her way to attend a Safer Roads, Safer Kids Conference in the US.

Grainne Kelly said: “If you are touching your phone you are distracted. It is that simple. Distracted driving, speeding and poor road infrastructure are the three main causes of crashes globally.

“By taking the pledge not to touch their phone while driving, drivers will be making a meaningful difference to the safety of themselves, their loved ones and others on the road. You are never alone on the road, even when you are the only one in your vehicle.”


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