Campaign supports Herts’ SCPs

12.57 | 22 October 2018 |

Hertfordshire County Council’s active and safer travel team is running a ‘stop means stop’ campaign to support the county’s school crossing patrols and raise awareness of the work they do.

The active and safer travel team says school crossing patrols (SCPs) ‘need everyone’s support and consideration, as they are doing a great job out on busy roads – but sometimes at risk to themselves’.

The campaign comprises a radio ad (running from 15-26 October), press coverage, information sent out to all schools, social media activity, visual messaging signs, and ‘stop means stop’ tabards that all of Hertfordshire’s SCPs are wearing during the campaign period.

Hertfordshire has around 150 SCPs, helping more than 12,000 children and their families cross twice daily. Many of these have been in the job for years and provide a familiar face and reassurance as families travel to school.

The press release announcing the campaign says: “Nobody should be in such a hurry that they can’t stop for a few moments for the school crossing patrol and for the safety of others.

“As well as putting the safety of adults and children at risk, a ‘drive through’ offence carries a fine of up to £1,000 plus points on a driving licence, and can lead to prosecution.”

For more information about the campaign contact Katherine Ware at Hertfordshire County Council.



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