Campaign uses humour to convey drink drive message

10.38 | 18 December 2009 |

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Road Safety Partnership is running a ‘humorous’ drink-drive campaign targeting students.

‘Donkey’, ‘Numpty’ and ‘Muppet’ are the slogans heading up the campaign, which comprises posters and beer mats placed around student union bars and bar staff wearing campaign t-shirts.

The aim is to remind young people of a serious message without being patronising, and in a manner suitable for the environment where it is being delivered.

The three executions deliver specific messages: not to drink then drive; not to risk being a passenger with a drink driver; and that you can be over the limit the morning after a heavy night of drinking.

Amer Reza, president of De Montfort Students’ Union, said: “The ‘insults’ bring a bit of humour into the message and the definitions get the students talking about the issue seriously. The Road Safety Partnership working with the Students’ Union is a positive method of encouraging young people to be safe.”

Hema Lad, from the Road Safety Partnership, added: “Although it’s not exclusively a young driver problem, this campaign aims to reinforce the idea that drinking and driving is anti-social behaviour and to promote positive behaviour at this specific age-group who are just starting out in life.”

For further information contact Hema Lad on 0116 305 8201.

FOOTNOTE: The campaign was developed by Yellow Jersey Design and is available for other authorities to use. For more information contact Rachel Baker on 0121 445 4511.


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