Campaign warns of dangers of wrong car seat

12.00 | 19 July 2013 |

A new child car seat campaign by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership and Leicester City Council warns parents and carers that ‘the wrong car seat is just as dangerous as no car seat’.

The campaign, ‘Caution’, utilised bus backs, posters, leaflets and magazine advertising to encourage local parents to attend one of a series of car seat clinics held at locations across the region.

The campaign also included an interactive rotating stand used at the clinics to show parents and children which car seat should be used. The stand is exactly 1,350mm high to make it easy for people to see whether a child should be in a car seat or wearing a seatbelt.

Out of 60 car seats checked at the first clinic, 52 were incorrectly fitted and required adjustment. 

A second burst of media advertising reinforced the campaign message following the car seat clinics.

Lyn Rowe, Leicester City Council road safety officer, said: “This was a fantastic campaign which was very well thought out and received. Much of the credit for that should go to the team at Yellow Jersey Design who created it.”

The campaign was developed by Yellow Jersey on behalf of Leicester City Council and is available for other road safety teams to purchase. For details of costs and more information contact Rachel Baker at Yellow Jersey on 0771 8222 840 or 0121 445 4511.


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