Can drivers teach themselves?

09.15 | 25 May 2011 |

A new book aimed at driving instructors and road safety professionals, looks at the extent to which drivers can teach themselves.

‘Can Drivers Really Teach Themselves? A Practitioner’s Guide to Using Learner Centre and Coaching Approaches in Driver Education’, has been written by Ian Edwards, of eDriving Solutions.

The book looks into coaching and learner centred techniques and questions how, if at all, they differ from other instructional techniques. It provides a clear definition of what learner centred techniques are and gives clear examples. It also provides instructors and other road safety professionals with an unambiguous understanding of how to develop one of the most critical skills any driver needs: an ability to evaluate and further develop themselves.

The book addresses what coaching and learner centred approaches are, their potential benefits and limitations and how they can be adapted for use in driver education.

For more information visit the eDriving Solutions’ website.


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