Children told to ‘Take Out’ And ‘Tune In’

12.00 | 8 October 2012 |

Crucial Crew happens each year and brings together a wide variety of agencies, each delivering vital and possible life saving messages to the pupils.

This year the Team based their scenario around the increasing problem of distractions to pedestrians and cyclists – headphone wearing and mobile phone use being the two main issues.  The 15 minute scenario was delivered in a fun and humorous way but with a stark and simple message that being distracted can kill.

The team used messages from the ‘Tune Into Traffic’ campaign and finished each scenario using a video about roadside memorials set to a rock track.

Road Safety Officer Peter Fleming said  “This was a new direction for us and tackled the increasing problem of youngsters being distracted by their music or mobile phone.  The pupils and teachers reactions were excellent and using the video at the end really hit the message home”

For more information on the scenario contact Peter on 01642 526737.

For information on Tune Into Traffic visit


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