City of York resurrects ‘Des’ for World Cup

12.35 | 9 June 2010 |

City of York Council has teamed up with the police and fire service to urge people not to drink and drive during the World Cup.

Anyone getting together with friends or family to watch matches is being asked to pick a designated driver – Des – who will stick to soft drinks and drive everyone home safely.

The message ‘Let Des do the driving…because nobody likes penalties’ will appear on buses, beer mats, cinema adverts and fire engines across the city.

The fire service and road safety team will be out in York before England games to reinforce the message with Des T-shirts and keyrings.

Trish Hirst, RSO, said: “We don’t want to stop anyone enjoying the tournament but we do want to make sure that any tears shed are in connection with the performance on the field, not an accident on York’s roads.”

The Des campaign has also been taken up by North Yorkshire County Council, under the 95Alive Partnership.

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