Cornwall praises new Foundation Course

12.00 | 17 February 2014 |

Cornwall Council has praised the Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course and has enquired about the feasibility of running a dedicated course for its road safety team.

The Foundation course was developed by Ian Edwards on behalf of the Road Safety GB Academy – the professional development arm of Road Safety GB – to “provide participants with an overview of the knowledge and skills they need to effectively and safely deliver a road safety educational intervention”.

The course is designed to enable participants to: assess the need for an educational intervention; understand the importance of research and evaluation; and understand the need to work in partnership with other organisations.

An evaluation of the course has shown it to be “highly effective” and suitable for a wide range of road safety professionals.

Tracey Porter, road safety officer with Cornwall Council, said: “A colleague has just finished his first two days of the Foundation Course training and has come back to the office enthused by what he has learnt so far.

“He has suggested that it would be good for as many of our team as possible to do the course so that everyone is talking the same language and using the same information. 

“We are going through a merger with the fire service at the moment and I would like to ensure that we bring the best of road safety knowledge and education planning, delivery and evaluation techniques with us.

“I believe that programme planning, development, delivery and evaluation use the same processes whatever the message and would like to involve some of our fire colleagues in this training.”

Click here for more information about the course, or contact Cheryl Evans, the Academy’s head of training.


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