Crash cushion for motorcyclists

14.25 | 11 September 2009 |

Signpost Solutions has developed Biker–Mate, a crash cushion for roadside objects.
DfT statistics show that in between 2003–2007 there were 250 fatalities in motorcyclists colliding with traffic signs, signal poles, lighting columns and telegraph poles and a further 880 serious injuries.

Biker-Mate is a patented design, has a large radius impact face, no sharp edges, comes in modular form for stacking to any height, is light and easy to install and can be fitted with any highly visible reflective material.

Alan Nicholas of Signpost Solutions says: “The current ‘L shaped’ design, for ‘front on traffic flow’ impacts, is the obvious use for the product.

"However, it could theoretically be deployed on any dangerous free standing roadside structure and there is no reason why in further developments a flat version cannot be designed for fitting to other sites such as bridges, brick walls or trees.”
For more information contact Alan Nicholas


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