Crashes caused by drivers, not roads: Road Safety GB

10.36 | 25 June 2009 |

Responding to the EuroRAP assessment of the UK’s roads, Road Safety GB says that crashes are generally caused by road users, rather than the roads themselves.

The European road assessment programmes (EuroRAP) concluded that more than half of Britain’s ‘A’ roads failed to be rated as safe in a study of 28,000 roads and motorways.

Single carriageway ‘A’ roads were rated to be the most dangerous. EuroRAP found 58% of A roads it assessed to be either neutral for safety or poor.

Of the ‘persistently higher risk roads’, eight out of 10 were around the Buxton, Sheffield, Macclesfield and Yorkshire and Humberside areas.

James Gibson, press and PR officer at Road Safety GB, said: “Most crashes are not caused by the road, but come as a result of drivers not reacting to the conditions around them or driving their vehicle in an inappropriate manner.

“While the identification of sub-standard highways on the UK’s road network has an important role to play in improving the safety on our roads, the simplest and most significant way that we can help to reduce accidents and casualties is to improve road user attitude and behaviour.”

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