CrashMap updated with 2012 data

12.00 | 27 September 2013 |

‘Crashmap’ has been updated with DfT 2012 data which is now free to view on the Crashmap website.

CrashMap allows users to search the UK to see where crashes have occurred. The user can also filter crashes by the year in which they took place and identify the most serious and the date when the incident occurred.

Richard Owen, from, said: “We’ve carried out a lot of work on the site to improve the speed while continuing to offer filters for crashes involving motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and children. Free accounts are available for road safety charities who want to download the detailed reports regarding individual collisions.

“We are also launching a new feature which may be of interest to local authorities, or anyone who would like to put a map on their website showing collisions in their area.

“It is now possible to embed CrashMap data on any website with the map showing the location, date, severity, and numbers of vehicles and casualties involved.”

Click here to see a sample map in full screen, or here to see how it can be incorporated within an existing webpage.

Crashmap is offering a free three-month trial to authorities who want to make use of the data feed with the ability to filter collisions by year and severity.

Contact Crashmap by email for more details.


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