Cycle train ‘first’ in South Lanarkshire

19.01 | 8 October 2009 | | 2 comments

Tinto Primary School has become the first in South Lanarkshire to set up a ‘Cycle Train’.

The Cycle Train takes its idea from a Walking Bus, but instead of adults walking at the front and rear of the group of children, everyone is on bikes.

Capable adult cyclists escort a group of cycling children on a route to and from school. There is a ‘driver’ at the front of the train and a ‘conductor’ at the back. The group stops at a series of pre-determined pick-up and drop-off points along the way.

Councillor John Murray, chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Road Safety Forum, said: “The Cycle Trains are an excellent, innovative idea which I am sure more schools in South Lanarkshire will want to introduce.

“The children I spoke to all mentioned how much fun it was and of course I am delighted with any scheme which reduces congestion, pollution and increases road safety awareness."

Bike sheds for those taking part in the Cycle Train have also been installed at the school.

For further information contact James Davitt.



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    Cycle trains are far from being “innovative” as the first ones were running over 10 years ago. I am far more interested in aspects of “Driver” and “Conducter” training, route assessment, insurance cover and basic riding standards for those who took part. Are we now living in a land of “sound bite” road safety where child safety does not matter?

    Steve Jarrett, Norfolk
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    The cycle train is not an innovative idea as it has been round for years and carries inherent dangers with it. Capable adults is not enough and I trust the school has issued and had signed by parents and pupils an agrrement risk assessment. Pupils using the “train” must have completed a Bikeability course and have a permit to ride to school. I can only assume from the report that everything is in place. You will not be so confident after the first accident due to poor control – of bike or adult. Time will tell.

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