Cycling UK launches new ‘AA for cyclists’

10.48 | 15 September 2020 |

Cycling UK has launched a new initiative designed to help cyclists feel more confident on roads, by providing on the spot bike maintenance and other advice and support.

Its ‘Pumped Up Crews’ – likened to the AA – are easily identified by their bright purple, yellow and pink t-shirts.

Crew members can help with a ‘multitude of everyday cycling challenges’ including:

  • Road safety: tips on cycling safely
  • Maintenance: on the spot bike maintenance
  • Local knowledge: local cycling knowledge and directions
  • Advice: support and encouragement

The volunteer crews have been set up in response to the ‘huge increase’ in the number of new cyclists this year – with figures suggesting 1.3 million people have bought a bike since March.

They are being piloted in Manchester and Birmingham, but Cycling UK hopes to introduce more crews across the country as the UK’s ‘golden age of cycling’ continues. 

Jenny Box, Cycling UK head of behaviour change and development in England, said: “With a 146% increase in cycling since March it’s never been more important to help new and returning cyclists feel welcome and supported on the road. 

“We like to think of them as the pedal powered version of the AA.”



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