Cyclists’ film says ‘look out for each other’

19.19 | 13 June 2010 |

Camden Council has produced a new short film to raise awareness of the potential dangers when cycling near lorries.

Last year, nine out of 13 cyclists killed in London died in collisions with lorries.

‘Look out for each other’ was created in response to this problem after consultation with road safety charity, Road Peace. The film emphasises the importance of making yourself visible on the road, cycling in a defensive position and being aware of other road users.

Due to the height and size of lorry cabs, drivers are often unable to see cyclists riding beside, behind or immediately in front of their vehicle – as indicated by the yellow hatching in the graphic. Cyclists are advised to stay out of these areas and make eye contact with the driver if waiting ahead of a lorry at traffic lights.

The film is available on Camden’s new cycle safety webpage.

For more information contact Laura Putt.



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