Cyclists to be allowed ignore red lights?

13.39 | 17 April 2009 |

Proposals that would allow cyclists to go through red traffic lights legally has divided opinion among transport groups in Scotland (Scotsman).

The idea is being considered in London, where more than a third of fatal cycling accidents involve cyclists being hit by heavy vehicles turning left. The plan would enable cyclists to turn left through a red light before other vehicles can move, without being fined.

Cycling bodies in Scotland yesterday backed the proposal but motoring and safety bodies warned it could put pedestrians at greater risk.

The move is seen as enabling cyclists to negotiate junctions ahead of other vehicles, but they would still have to give way to pedestrians.

John Lauder, director of Sustrans Scotland, welcomed the move: "We want to see cycling made safer and more convenient, and so we support cyclists being able to turn left on red, as happens on the continent, so long as pedestrians don’t lose out."

However, RoSPA said it was unconvinced. Kevin Clinton, head of road safety, said: "Certainly, there is an issue with cyclists and other vehicles at junctions, but advanced stop lines are perhaps a better way of dealing with it, rather than altering a fundamental principle of road safety – that red lights mean stop."

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