Demonstration will highlight perils of mobile phones

14.43 | 24 May 2011 |

Fire fighters and ambulance crews in Wokingham will demonstrate the expertise needed to rescue a trapped driver from a car following a collision caused by using a mobile phone while driving.

Steve Beard, Wokingham Fire Station commander, said: “Using a mobile phone while you are driving means you are four times more likely to have a collision. Tests have also shown that reaction times for drivers using a hand-held phone were 30% slower than for driving while drunk, and nearly 50% worse than when driving under normal conditions.”

Paul Jefferies, head of operations Berkshire at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “Advancements in vehicle safety may make some drivers complacent about the dangers, but in our role we see the devastating effect of injuries caused by vehicle crashes.

“We hope the information the public will receive at this event will discourage them from doing anything to distract them when driving, which puts all road users at risk of traumatic injuries.”

Julie Pillai, Wokingham Borough Council’s road safety officer, added: “The information on hand should make everyone think twice about using their mobile whilst driving. It is not only talking on your hand-held mobile phone which is illegal – drivers shouldn’t text or email, listen to messages or look at pictures – all of these actions affect a driver’s concentration.”

For more information contact Julie Pillai on 0118 974 6387.


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