DfT clarifies reasons for delay in publishing 2016 casualty stats

12.00 | 29 June 2017 |

The DfT has confirmed that the delay in publishing 2016 casualty stats is down to a lack of data from the Met Police.

On 19 June, the DfT announced that the 2016 casualty data would not be published as expected on 29 June, but instead on 28 September.

A number of road safety stakeholders, including Road Safety GB, expressed their concern and disappointment at the delay, which was rumoured to be a result of issues with the new CRASH reporting system.

Speaking at the time, Jeremy Phillips, Road Safety GB director of research, said: “The real issue is the delay in the national validation of the 2016 data, which may have significant implications for LHAs trying to deliver data-led programmes of work.”

In an email sent yesterday (28 June) to road safety stakeholders, Patricia Hayes, director general, roads, devolution and motoring at the DfT, outlined the real reason for the delay.

Patricia Hayes said: “I wanted… to put the record straight on the reason for the delay in publishing our 2016 road casualty data. 

“I’m aware that there has been some speculation… that this is down to issues arising from implementation of our CRASH accident reporting system.

“In fact the reality is that we can’t publish this data because we are currently lacking validated data from the Metropolitan Police for November and December. As Met data makes up around 15% of our road casualty data this made publication this month impossible.

“We’re working hard with TfL and the Met to put this right.” 


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