DfT provides latest funding to boost electric future

07.37 | 24 June 2020 |

The DfT has announced a new investment of nearly £75m to develop ‘cutting-edge technology’ for the next generation of electric taxis, cars and vans.

In recent years, the Government has repeatedly backed a move towards electric vehicles – something it says is vital in helping the UK meet its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Earlier this month, it announced electric vehicles will be fitted with green licence plates from the autumn, in a bid to encourage more drivers to make the switch.

Ten projects will benefit from the new £73.5m investment, which will be used to develop technologies including recyclable batteries, advanced electrical systems and ultra-lightweight components.

The Government hopes the funding will enable pave the way for more low emission cars to be produced in the UK – while contributing to the automotive sector’s recovery from Covid-19 by safeguarding 14,000 research and manufacturing jobs.

Rachel Maclean, transport minister, said: “As we look to kickstart our green transport recovery, new technologies and cleaner fuels are going to play an even greater role in achieving our aim of a greener and more prosperous economy.

“From recyclable batteries to state-of-the-art motors, not only will this funding create thousands of jobs, it will also bring us one step closer to achieving our net zero target within 30 years.”



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