Dorset public aware there’s ‘No excuse’

15.00 | 7 June 2010 |

Dorset’s ‘no excuse’ brand has achieved 83% public recognition in the first four months of the year-long campaign, which has already picked up more than 7,000 traffic-related offences.

A woman driver caught not wearing a seat belt told officers: “I just had a spray-on tan applied and don’t want to smudge it.”

And a man behind the wheel of a Volkswagen horsebox said he was not wearing one because he was late – and it was stuck under his engine cover.

Chief inspector Bob Nichols said: “By increasing the likelihood of detection I am confident standards of driving and concentration will improve and make Dorset’s roads safer.

“Many of the motorists who are caught are eligible for driver awareness courses which allow them to avoid incurring penalty points and offer the chance to improve their driving skills.”

Robert Smith, Dorset’s road safety manager, said: “To see an increase in brand awareness is one of our evaluation objectives and public recognition of the ‘no excuse’ branding and its associated messages rose to 83% in the first four months of the campaign.

“Surveys suggest 60% of respondents say they have seen ‘no excuse’ on signs and posters. Radio and press advertising was mentioned by about 30% with the remaining 10% citing places including bill boards and telephone kiosks.

“Hardly anyone mentioned bus back or magazine advertising.

“Two thirds of those surveyed said they believe that incidents of bad and careless driving are more likely to be detected in Dorset since the ‘no excuse’ project started.”

Contact Robert Smith for more information on 01305 224680.


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