Drink driver and trainer help launch campaign

12.06 | 14 August 2009 |

A convicted drink driver and the trainer who taught him about the consequences of alcohol helped Cumbria police launch their summer drink drive campaign.

Ross Eckersley (20) was caught drink driving 18 months ago and has just completed a TTC drink drive rehabilitation course. He gets his licence back in October after receiving up to a quarter off his ban for successfully completing the course.

Mr Eckersley said: “My message is just don’t drink and drive. It’s stupid and you have to rely on the goodwill of other people to get about.”

TTC Group trainer Ian Strothers, who educates convicted drivers, said: “You can buy breathalysers to test yourself at home. The ones the police use cost about £400-£600 but you can get them in the shops for about £50. They are worth buying especially if you are planning to drive the next morning.”

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